All About Us

The PGCE GREEN conference has been conceived and organised by a diverse group of professions and individuals. We have students, teachers, ITT educators and local organisations working together in order to provide a conference that is relevant, educational and inspiring. 

UoM PGCE staff have taken a pupil-voice centred approach in the creation of this conference, working collaboratively with former trainees, young people, and other organisations in the design process.

Teach the Future is a student-led climate activism group who are campaigning for change in the education system in order to better reflect the severity and importance of the Climate Crisis. They have provided organisational skills and the voice of their peers.

Some former PGCE students noticed a gap in their ITT course where climate was concerned, and are now working in schools as NQTs while working to ensure future trainees can have the appropriate training when dealing with issues relating to the climate crisis, no matter what subject they teach.

MEEN is a grassroots organisation dedicated to working with schools, teachers and organisations in order to promote environmental education. They have links with local schools and individuals as well as practical knowledge in how to run environmental projects and develop schools’ sustainability.

Networking Event
Sustainable Energy
Holding Plant
Volunteers Cleaning Beach
Man on His Bike
Gardening Lesson
Doctor Teaching on Seminar
Audience Clapping
Children and Teacher in Kindergarten